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Blundstone Boots Blog for your comments on Blundstone shoes. We’re not part of Blundstone. But we love Blundstones and on this Blundstone Boots Blog we are gathering all the fan’s stories on Blundstones!

Blundstone started in Tasmania in 1870 and it was the first Australian footwear company to receive a Design Award. This is why people like these boots; great design, great comfort, very durable. What else is there to say? Lots. Tell us!

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  • What do you think of your Blundstone boots?
  • What is awesome about your Blundstone boots?
  • What Blundstone model is your favourite, and why?
  • What is the craziest thing you did in Blundstones?
  • Which Blundstone shop served you well?
  • Have a great pic of yourself in Blundstones? Mail us!

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25 thoughts on “ welcomes you

  1. Patrick

    I love Blundstones can anyone tell me where I can buy them in a shop in London, I’m not keen to buy them online…

    1. MrsB

      Buy online – perfectly safe if you deal with a reputable store. Recommend Canadian department stores for great range – bought Mr B a limited edition steel leather pair last year. He’s happy – couldn’t get his size (12) in UK

  2. Aine chambers

    I have never owned any Blunnies but was a great fan of red backs. I just wanted to know…..are the boots unisex or are they all designed for men?

  3. Bill Bankes-Jones

    does anyone actually know the answer? I’ve been looking all over london to no avail, i would love a pair but similarly not keen to buy on line, i want to try on before i buy

  4. Ali P

    Hi Bill
    isn’t it annoying when people don’t answer the questions? I’ve just found out today that The Natural Shoe Store in Covent Garden sells them. I’m going to try some on there as I feel the same about buying online without trying first. This is the only place I’ve been able to find that stocks them. Good luck. Ali

  5. Dave C

    Just purchased my first pair of Blundstone’s. (059/62’s) and wore them for a week’s trip to France straight out of the box. Super comfy & smart, yet tough enough for a variety of conditions ……including a steep climb to a cliff top church in Montesgur through the mud & snow! Cleaned up as good as new for the following days trip around the trendy shops and Cathedral in Albi. Can’t fault them to date.

  6. Claire Jones

    Hello All
    We are a family run business who have been suppling Blundstone & Redback Boots for over 15 years. We are based in West Wales but have an online shop or you can order over the telephone. We know its difficult to get the right size so we have no problem in you returning the boots for an exchange of size or refund!
    Hope this helps all you people out there looking for these most comfortable boots!

    1. Lorraine McMahon

      Hi Claire,
      I’m based on Ireland and really looking for mens brown size 11 059 dress boot, do you have these and deliver to Ireland? Thanks in advance, Lorraine

  7. The Natural Shoe Store

    Its great to hear how much you all love your Blundstones! For your information, we have two Natural Shoe Stores in London that both stock Blundstone, one in Covent Garden, 9-15 Neal Street, and the other in Chelsea, 325 Kings Road. If neither of those locations are convenient, you can always order online at

  8. The Ice Queen

    Blundstones & I (a girl) have been together for the past 15 years!

    1998 – Bought my first pair of Blundstone 504’s from a shop on the corner of Old Compton St & Wardour Street in London’s Soho after seeing Dein Perry’s “Tap Dogs” at the Sadlers Wells in London. Wore them all the time, went and traipsed around New York twice in my original 1998 pair and they were still going strong in 2009!

    2006 – Pair of 510’s brought back from Australia by my parents and worn to death until the sole developed a split and the heels expired.

    2008 – Pair of 500’s bought online from Yates Menswear in Australia and still going strong (apart from the split in the bottom of the sole).

    2011 – Pair of 510’s bought online from Australia and still going strong.

    My latest pairs (500 & 510) have been with me to Abu Dhabi and Paris and will unquestionably come away with me if I go on holiday again.

    As you can see, fell in love with them in 1998 and have worn them ever since. I tend to go for the half sizes as these make the boot slightly wider and you can therefore put thicker socks on when wearing them. I put them through all sorts of hell, they remain waterproof whatever the grief and they still polish up beautifully.

    1. The Ice Queen

      2013 – I’ve recently came back from Australia and bought back with me a pair of 500’s & a pair 510’s for AUS$ 109 (GBP £60.00) and AUS$ 120 (GBP £66.00).

    1. The Ice Queen

      Hi Mark,

      The only two places I’ve ever heard mentioned in the UK as selling Blundstones are:

      Shoeland – a family-run business based in Oxfordshire, UK. They sell the classics i.e. 510, 500 for £109.00.

      The Natural Shoe Store – already mentioned in a previous post, they sell the classics i.e. 510, 500 for £120.00.

      But I’m glad to see that a company in Wales also sells them has posted here..

      I recently came back from Australia and bought back with me a pair of 500’s & a pair 510’s for AUS$ 109 (GBP £60.00) and AUS$ 120 (GBP £66.00).

      Due to the lack of shops & the prices charged in the UK, you’re kind of left with no choice but to buy them from stores in Australia (even with AU$47.00 postage to the UK back in 2008), they are still cheaper than in the UK).

      If you have anyone going to Melbourne, Australia any time soon, Aussie Disposals sell Blundstone 500’s for AUS$109.95 (correct as of Dec 2013).

  9. matty

    I can’t find anywhere that sells the top of the range waterproof safety Blundstone in UK. I need a steel toe cap and water resistance. I loved my old Blundstone boots but after 7 years hard work they kinda fell apart. It’s the 140 or the 990 I;m looking for. Anyone got any ideas?

    The West Wales company mentioned above didn’t actually say their name or give a www. Maybe they have the boot but I can’t get in touch wothout more info…..

    1. The Ice Queen

      Hi Matty,

      In response to your question, just did a quick google search of “blundstone” and “west Wales” and found:
      They might be able to help

  10. oz

    As an Australian who grew up with Blunnies, I’m ashamed.

    Older pairs lasted for years; a recent new pair fell apart within one.

    This is now a very common problem with the new generation of Asian made Blunnies.

    Please DONT but until Blundstone until they correct thier crap soles !!!

  11. Iain for great prices on Aussie footware. 500’s, etc $91.95. They say they will post to UK, but not tried that yet. (In theory should also get back GST – about 9%, but again not tried that and they may not be able to help, but worth asking.)
    Also have great prices on Baxter boots – like RM Williams, but half the price.

  12. Debbt

    Found a pair for the other half at Macsamillions in the covered market in Oxford. Now looking for a pair in black..but they don’t do the same exact style so he wants to try on before he buys….anyone know of retailers on the Manchester / Buxton area ?

  13. Will.J

    Im after a pair of black leather brogue dress shoes and can’t find anything in the uk at all and I’ve been looking for a good 2 hours. I don’t mind paying for shipping even its very expensive. They were for someone very special to me so any help would be massively appreciated.

  14. jim jones

    i would never buy these boots again. i have loved them for years and have had at least ten pairs but the last pair i had split after less than two years of light wear. they are not made in the same way, it seems to me. the previous pair lasted about six years. comfortable yes, expensive definitely but not worth the 130 pounds i spent for the wear i got from them. the marketing suggests a rugged and indestructible work shoe and trades on a gritty, no nonsense aussie tradition. all bluster in the modern era.

  15. David Green

    Would like to buy a pair of Blundstones, but must try before I buy. Do you know of any outlets in the Manchester area?

  16. anna price

    Can anyone recommend anywhere in London that re-soles Blundstones? My soles are crumbling! very disconcerting.


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